Baby Food Making 101

Posted On: 2011-11-09

When my daughter was ready for solids a few months ago I was excited to get back into the baby food making routine. I went to the local Costco and purchased a couple organic fruits and veggies and some sweet potatoes to start with and came home ready to kick butt and fill the freezer.

The only problem was that the moment I turned the food processor on my kids freaked out! My memory of making food for my son instantly came back to me and I recalled I always made the food while he was at his grandma's house.

There I was, with two kids strapped into their booster seats at the kitchen table screaming and crying. I did what I could to console them but it didn't work and I wanted to fill an ice cube tray. I quickly finished the remaining strawberries and the kids were doing better until my son made a noise that he knows my daughter doesn't like and the crying started all over again with both of them. I was frazzled. In the process of trying to get everything put away I dropped part of the food processor and strawberry went everywhere.

Since this little episode I've done the food making toward the end of naps to avoid waking them up too soon... I absolutely dislike waking my kids and protect their sleep like crazy.

Baby Food Making 101: Make it while the kids aren't home and wear an apron... also check out my prior posts that go step by step through making baby food:

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