My Infant Is Constipated

Posted On: 2011-09-28

My 8 month old daughter began a regular diet of solids a few weeks ago. She has been 100% breastfed until just around 7 months when I began introducing some of the usual starter foods: peas, green beans, sweet potato, bananas, and carrots. The process was slow but thankfully no allergies came up and she began to show interest in finger foods as well.

After introducing puffs and Baby Mum-Mum's I noticed she wasn't pooping very frequently. As days went by I continued to take note of the absence of solid waste and introduced prunes as a way to hopefully push it right along.

After 6 days, she was laying on the floor on her belly and grunting so I knew she was working on it. Then she moved to her back and continued grunting but was unhappy. When I picked her up she began to cry so I rubbed her tummy a little bit. When she didn't stop crying I just suddenly knew exactly what to do despite never having dealt with constipation with kids before.

I quickly undressed her and removed her cloth diaper and sat her down on my son's portable potty chair. She rocked forward a bit and then let out the biggest scream I have ever heard come from her. That's when I got this picture. After the scream I picked her up and checked her butt and sure enough she was pooping! I sat her back down and she finished.

What a relief that was! Her first solid poop was in the can (bad joke there) and she was still a little upset. I quickly put her diaper back on and nursed her back to comfort then tended to the portable potty. In the meantime my toddler son made comments like "Yucky potty! Gross!" and acted like he was afraid of it. As it turns out, my 8 month old daughter pooped in the potty before my 2 1/2 year old had!