My Toddler Can Reach The Counter

Posted On: 2010-09-29

Yesterday afternoon I decided to make zucchini pineapple bread. As the bread cooled down on the cutting board I let my husband know he could cut a slice if he wanted to, which he did. He lay the knife next to the cutting board on top of the paper recipe I had made it from. Then, about 10 minutes later the unthinkable happened...

My 18 month old reached up and was able to grab hold of the paper recipe which sent the weighted and serrated bread knife flying off the counter in front of him. As soon as I heard it hit the floor I knew exactly what had happened and rushed to him to make sure he was ok. I was literally seconds away from him but it was enough time for him to grab the knife and try to put it back on the counter!

There are several things that came to my mind in this situation. 

1) "Oh my gosh, thank goodness he's ok and didn't get cut when it fell!"

2) "Oh crap, I really have to watch what is on the edge of the counters now."

3) "How peculiar that when he went to put it back on the counter he held it by the handle." My son has always held things by the wrong end: his sword, crayons, turkey baster, balloons on a stick, ladles, pens, etc. and I have always found it odd but for some reason he grabbed this knife by the handle thankfully!