Making Baby Food: Part 3

Posted On: 2010-03-24

Making baby food is quite a task but it is well worth it. Writing about how to make it is a little tricky because there is so much information to relay. I have decided to do a blog entry every day this week featuring an aspect of making baby food from what you need, to easy to make mistakes. Hopefully by the end of the week you will feel confident in making healthy, cost effective, and fast baby food!

Part 3: When you get STARTED...At first it will be overwhelming to get a bunch of food made so here are some things to consider:

1)   Start by making just a couple of foods and make them one at a time. Once you have those made it will be easier to maintain and add to your supply thereafter.  If you purchase food in bulk consider having a friend with a young baby that also eats baby food come over so you can share the cost and the finished product.

2)   Purchase the food in bulk and organic as often as you can (Sam’s Club or Costco are great for this).  It will cut down on the cost as well as give you a good stock of food.

3)   Only purchase 4 to 6 ice cube trays, this is a good way to help limit how much food you purchase, also how much you have to make at one time, and have to freeze/store afterwards. By the way, each cube holds a little over an ounce of baby food!

4)   Start trying to feed your infant/toddler the dinners that you make for the rest of the family. This will provide additional nutrition and will keep your frozen supply from depleting too fast. 

5)   Always make and freeze each food separately… they can be mixed upon preparation.  This allows for endless combinations and will reduce the chance of losing perfectly good food if your baby doesn’t like a specific combo.

6)   Remember that foods he/she did not like at first may still be a possibility.  For instance, my son did not like banana's at all at 6 months, but really liked them around 8 months.  You can also try using foods he/she does not like in a mixture say 2 cubes of good stuff and 1 cube of a food they dislike.

7)   Also keep in mind that you can make yourself a milkshake or smoothie from a few cubes of fruit that you have in the freezer! (From top: banana, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog on a Step By Step walk through of making some of the most popular baby foods!

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