Making Baby Food: Part 2

Posted On: 2010-03-23

Making baby food is quite a task but it is well worth it. Writing about how to make it is a little tricky because there is so much information to relay. I have decided to do a blog entry every day this week featuring an aspect of making baby food from what you need, to easy to make mistakes. Hopefully by the end of the week you will feel confident in making healthy, cost effective, and fast baby food!

Part 2: Selecting your food. 

Pretty much anything can be made into baby food. Below is a list of mostly whole foods I have made, preserved, and fed to my son:

My food choosing CRITERIA- As you can see I have used a variety of types of baby food: fresh, frozen, dried, and instant.  I always pay attention to the ingredients in foods that are not whole foods. The criteria is as follows:

1)   I should be able to recognize (and pronounce) the ingredients

2)   There should be 5 or fewer ingredients

3)   Fresh and Organic

These three rules will help reduce the chances of bizarre food reactions that are difficult to identify and help keep the meals healthier and easier to digest. Buying organic will also help reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins that get into the food.

Just say no to cans: Canned fruits and vegetables have toxins from the can in them, including BPA and should be avoided whenever possible.  Instead try the other alternatives: Frozen, Dried, Instant.

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