My Toddler Needs Stitches

Posted On: 2011-10-05

My son has played on my desk for quite some time and while he has fallen off of it before it's always been minor, until last Friday. This time while we were doing an activity he leaned back as though he were in a chair and kept going, I couldn't stop him from falling. He fell backwards and I immediately grabbed him and held him like I always do when he cries but this time was different. I felt a warmth against my neck that I quickly discovered was blood and then immediately saw his ear had been lacerated by the bookcase on the way down.

I grabbed a clean towel to hold against his ear to stop the bleeding but it hurt him so bad that I kept near his ear instead of pressing on it. In a state of panicky tears I looked over at my infant bouncing away in her Jumperoo and thinking "How the heck am I going to get him to the hospital?" I had no choice but to call 911. I could barely hear the dispatcher over Dylan's screams (he was still in my lap) but they knew what to do and I was able to confirm our address.

After getting off the phone I tried what I could to distract my son from the pain he was experiencing and calmed him down enough to put my shoes on and get my daughter in her car seat. I was also able to get a good look at his ear... it was cut pretty bad. The bleeding had slowed to a thick drip so I thought there was a chance I could make it to the hospital.

The aid car was on its way but still not here yet but time was not on my side so I headed for our truck to get the kids loaded. As I did, the aid car got there and scared Dylan until I explained what it was and then he was super excited about the "Aid car! Mommy, aid car! ... MOMMY AID CAAAAARRRR!" The EMT's unloaded and checked Dylan's eyes for dilation and his injured ear explaining he didn't appear to have a concussion but will need stitches.

I had already decided that I would drive him to the hospital instead of the EMT's and they asked if there was anything they could do. I said "yes! someone please hold my daughter so I can load my son in the truck." After the kids were in the truck we headed for the hospital with Dylan talking all about the aid car like nothing was wrong and making my daughter giggle.

My husband met us at the ER and there we then waited for 2 hours.

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