Infant Poked In The Eye

Posted On: 2011-06-15

Accidents happen yes, but it's even more unfortunate when the accident happens while trying to prevent one. There I was starting a load of laundry and holding my daughter in my right arm. I turned around to leave the laundry room but the door had closed partially... if I didn't act fast I would walk her right into the corner of the door and she'd hit her head.

I acted fast and brought my left hand up to be the barrier between her face and the door, only I was moving forward too quickly and my thumbnail went right into her face. I immediately thought I had scratched her face somewhere and knew from the beginning sounds of her cry that she was hurting pretty bad. I turned her around and was surprised to not see any major scratch on her face but then I saw her eye.

My thumbnail had scratched the white of her eye and her eyelid. I was mortified! Kids are resilient and all but when a soft tissue/organ like an eyeball is hurt, it's hard to know what might happen in this situation. She continued to cry as I tried in any way I could to comfort her...her cry was so sad that I also began to cry. When breastfeeding wasn't calming her down I decided to put her down for a nap.

The moment she woke up I examined her eye and wiped it with a cool, clean, and damp wash cloth. Thankfully she was happy and unfazed by what had occurred prior to her nap. It has been 2 days since this happened and the redness in her eye has subsided and is almost gone.

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