First Time At Daycare

Posted On: 2013-09-30

I did some mild job applying and was hired at a design company in November 2012 after being a stay at home mom for 3 years. I knew which daycare I wanted to bring my kids to and decided to have them attend a full week before I started my new job. It was a really good decision!

The first day: I took my time getting them ready, I had everything packed, and I was ready to take them in. I decided that a shorter first couple of days would be best so I didn't drop them off until 9am. As I pulled up to the daycare I started to tear up... I couldn't help it. I tried to hold my composure while I unloaded the kids but it was hard.

My son was easy, he attended part time a year ago for a few weeks so he was familiar with the place and went right into his classroom. Then the harder part... my daughter. This was completely new and she hadn't been away from me longer than a few hours since birth (she was 22 months at this time). She didn't understand and I had to walk away after setting her down or I wouldn't have been able to leave. Thankfully she didn't cry because she didn't know what was going on but that didn't stop tears from pouring out of my eyes the moment I closed the door.

I just sat in the car for a few minutes to gather myself and then drove home to a quiet, empty house. I thought maybe this isn't something I can't do... but I did it. The first week I took pictures of the kids before dropping them off. It did get easier especially since there was another reason why I put them in daycare a week early... so I could get things done.

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