My Toddler Started Preschool

Posted On: 2011-11-16

While I do many activities with my toddler son as well as play dates, I wanted him to get some different experiences while I also got a break from having two kids around all the time. I called local preschools and found one nearby that was right by the bank and grocery store I use. After an initial call and a walk through I decided it was worth a try!

My son was one month shy of 2 1/2 years old and had never been in daycare before so this whole experience was going to be a bit a rough. I choose to have him go part time on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30am-12:30pm which is just before nap time at the school and his own nap time as well. The cost was $300/month or about $35/day which is about $7/hr.

I brought diapers, pullups, a change of clothes, and hemp milk for him. The first day was rough, he didn't know why I was leaving him and didn't know any of the kids but when I picked him up he was so happy and had so much fun. His second day again, he had a hard time with me leaving him there but I watched discretely as he quickly overcame it and began to play with other kids.

He happened to attend school on the day they were doing class pictures and to my surprise when I brought the picture home he was able to tell me who his friends were. He began asking to go to school to see "Carlos" and "Lawson" (which he pronounces "Gracen" for some reason). His teacher was really nice and just adored Dylan so it seemed like a perfect fit.

Unfortunately, because he had never been in daycare he was constantly sick. The first week he contracted strep throat, then hand, foot, & mouth, then a cold and flu. All in all, we spent over $700 in out of pocket medical deductible from his illnesses after only attending the school for a month and a half. As luck would have it, there was no way for us to maintain this expense when we found out we were going to lose our primary incomes in early November, so his last day of school was October 31st.

It was a great experience and I'm glad he had some of the sicknesses that he's never had before. I do hope he can attend again when we feel financially stable again.