IMHO: Birth Doula

Posted On: 2011-01-24

BACKGROUND: When I was pregnant with my first child I had determined that I wanted a natural birth and wanted someone with experience there to help me through the labor and try to help it go the way I wanted it to. Obviously my midwife has experience, but she has other things to tend to during the birth and is not able to fill the role I was seeking. I also didn't want all the weight of my labor support needs to be on my husband because he wouldn't have a clue what to do. The last thing I wanted on the day our son was born was to get mad or frustrated at my husband during the labor.

THE STORY: Upon recommendation of my midwife I contacted a local doula and scheduled a time to meet with her. She came to my house, introduced herself, and stated her rate which was $300 regardless of how long the labor is and/or how long I wanted her to stay after the baby was born. That price was kind of eye-opening because as it turns out she arrived at midnight and he was born at 2:19pm the next day! She stayed until 4:30pm.

Here are just a few things she did for me during labor:

-Held my hand through every single contraction.

-Talked to me during contractions to remind me to slow down my breathing and encourage me to keep going.

-Made sure my music was playing.

-Made me get up and walk around (though at the time I hated it, it help progress the labor).

-Made sure I was staying hydrated so I could continue to produce amniotic fluid and eating to keep my energy up.

I enjoyed her company and support so much that I used her again for the recent birth of my daughter on January 5th, 2011. This birth was much easier and she again provided amazing support.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: Birth doulas are so incredibly important and useful for everyone that is expecting another family member, regardless of the type or method of birth they want to have. 


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