Planning A Home Birth

Posted On: 2011-01-19

When I found out I was pregnant in April 2010 I decided that I would use the same midwife and birth center as I did with my son. However, after repeatedly receiving misinformation and not feeling comfortable with the level of service with that midwife I was forced to seek out another one.

Thankfully I had a mommy group that referred me to a midwife that hands-down had more personal and professional experience and communicated very clearly. During this switch I realized that I wanted to have a home birth. With my due date in January and the possibility of snow conditions I figured it would be a better option overall. In addition, I no longer felt scared about birth.

Here is a summary of things to do to prepare for a home birth:

- Order a birth kit at least 4 weeks before you are due. Your midwife should have a vendor and/or a list of supplies needed. My birth kit only cost $40 and included the following items: Underpads, Pads, Lube Jelly*, Peri Bottle, Bulb Syringe, Gauze, Gloves*, Briefs, Infant Hat, Plastic Cord Clamp*, Alcohol Prep Pads, Drinking Straws, and a Digital Thermometer. *Items were sterile

- Items you will want to get in addition to your kit: 2 Garbage Bags, 2 Shower Curtain Liners, 3 Wash Cloths, Large Boiling Pot (at least 8” wide), Beverages and Snacks, Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, Depends Briefs, 2 Receiving Blankets, Clothes and Diapers for baby!

- Write up a Birth Plan that includes the following information: Midwife/Doctor Name and Phone number at the top; Nearest Hospital Name, Address, Phone#; Your Name, Address, Phone#; Your Blood Type and RH status; GBS Results; A list of Contacts that should include your Doula, Partner, and anyone that may need called to help or be present during the birth.

Then list any specific things that you would like your Midwife/Doctor, Doula, or Partner to do during the birth. This is a good place to put where you want to have the baby, what methods you would like to use handle the pain, what positions you might be willing to try, what music you want playing, when you want pictures taken etc.

Email or bring a copy of your birth plan to the people that will be involved in your birth, keep a copy with you, and have a copy on your night stand!

Be sure to discuss your plan and ask any questions you come up with while planning your birth.