Very Short Stories

Posted On: 2013-11-04

Twitter has never really made sense to me to use on a regular basis but in the few times that I've dabbled in it I discovered a couple feeds that have interesting nearly daily posts. Notebookoflove @Notebook and VeryShortStory @VeryShortStory were always fun to read and then I found out that Sean Hill was putting out a book that was a compilation of his "Twitter sized fiction". I immediately added it to my Amazon wish list and when I didn't get it for the holidays, I bought it for myself!

His book has entries that would fit within the character constraints of a Twitter post but tell an entire story. The book is fun to read on occasion or at night while nursing my kids. Here are a couple of my favorites from the Family chapter:

"Zara woke up to find the severed head of a pink My Little Pony in her bed. The message was clear. She returned her brother's GI Joe."

"Carl opened the oven and the chicken leapt out, apparently not done yet. The children sat at the table wondering when Mom would return."

"Momentary serenity. Sitting on the bottom of the pool, a brief vacation from the world. Soon, they will find me. My kids always do."

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