Children's Book Activity

Posted On: 2011-12-21

Reading is so important for growing minds. Every few weeks my son starts liking a new book and currently it is Goodnight Moon. The first time I read through it I thought to myself "What is so great about this book?" I was perturbed by the several pages that were black and white and that one of the pages was blank except for "Goodnight nobody" ... it was quite puzzling.

The next night after reading it for the first time my son requested the book again and never fail on every single page that has a moon on it (even the one page with just a sliver on the edge of the page) he has to shout out "GOODNIGHT MOON!" It's actually become a family favorite now and after staring at the illustrations every night for the last few weeks I realized I could make a neat activity by recreating the moon in the book using my scrapbooking supplies.

I grabbed similar patterns and colors to the illustrations and went to work. My son watched as I worked while holding the book and kept saying "Goodnight moon!"  I finished with just the window and curtains done but plan to add a few more things including my son's name, the phrase Goodnight Moon, and a couple other objects from the book.

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