Fall Photo Collage

Posted On: 2011-11-02

I was recently lured to a specific park because of the colors of the leaves on the trees that I could see from the road. They were so vibrantly yellow/orange I just had to get a picture of them...and as an added bonus, take a walk with my kids on the paths available there.

After I took a portrait and landscape shot of a tree I got my stroller out, loaded my 10 month old daughter into it and then grabbed my two and a half year old son. He immediately wanted to grab a leaf so I took that as an opportunity to take a picture with him and the leaves. Well, one thing led to another and I did a quick mini photo shoot right there in the parking lot with them.

I shot just 15 photos and they turned out great so I put together this neat picture collage in an empty frame that I happened to have handy. There are several things to note about how I arranged the photos:

Upper Pictures:

- I made sure to put in the original picture of just the tree, as it truly was the inspiration... and that is the sun shining through the tree, not a glass flash reflection ;-)

- On each side of that tree picture I used similar but different pictures of both kids which adds a bit of symmetry. I also made it so the subject's (my kids) face the center to draw the eye there.

Lower Pictures:

- In the center I chose to have the three of us there together as the height of that frame worked well with the large tree behind us.

- I used a cropped picture of my son from one that had all three of us in it on the left and a single picture of him looking up on the right.