Family Shower

Posted On: 2012-08-03

For the first time ever I took both of my kids into the shower with me (not just in the bathroom). What was I thinking? I wasn't. It was a spur of the moment decision and I have to say it turned out rather nicely.

First, of course, I grabbed the changes of clothes, made sure I had towels for everyone, and then a couple of easy things that would keep them occupied but not cause anyone to slip or get hurt.

I decided to bring the camera in the shower for the first picture which was kind of risky but my camera survived. My daughter LOVED the shower. She has only had baths so far, my son has taken many showers with me though.

After the shower Dylan expertly showed Abby how to "zoom" the glass walls and even gave her a chance to try it herself! Such a great fun experience we had.

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