Toddlers at the Beach

Posted On: 2012-05-11

We go to the beach regularly and never fail, I see a family come completely unprepared for it. Not only do they not have anything for their kids to play with but they also don't want them anywhere near the water.

Here is what I do to prepare for the beach:

- Eat before going! A full tummy will help avoid bad behavior from hunger. It is also nearly impossible to get your child to eat when there is sand and water to play in so bring small snacks that are easy to handle.

- Bring several towels to sit on, to change clothes on, to dry off your little ones.

- Spare outfit, shoes, diapers, underwear etc. and a bag for wet clothes!

- I like to use a big reusable waterproof bag to hold all the sand toys. I bring the usual sunblcok, bucket, shovel, rake, dump truck, and a few other random things that can be fun in sand.

- If it is allowed, bring bread to feed ducks!

Finally, remember to bring your camera. It's a fun time for everyone and it's nice to capture these moments.