Tips for Potty Training in Public

Posted On: 2012-09-07

The whole potty concept is something new for your toddler and learned in the comfort of their own homes. It's natural for children to be weary about practicing their new talent on a foreign toilet. There are a few tricks that I have learned in my last 10 days of potty training mayhem.

1) Invest in a portable, collapsible potty seat like this Disney Folding Potty Seat. My son was so afraid he was going to fall into the toilet so this really helped subside his fear. I've even been able to get my son to use it on a log out in the woods!

2) If they say they cannot pee, try asking them to close their eyes and think about being at home or something similarly comforting. This helped my son get over his anxiety at the grocery store restroom.

3) Make sure the automatic flush won't go off while they are on the potty. This might really scare them and cause some trust issues with public potties. I took my son to the fair and he had just started peeing when the darn toilet flushed. Thankfully he was too far in to stop himself and was able to finish. From then on I took him to the old fashioned bathrooms that didn't have automatic flush.

Of course there is the usual, don't forget to bring several pairs of underwear, wipes, and pants with you. Accidents happen. More tips to come!

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