24 Hour Bug

Posted On: 2011-09-07

The thing about families is that they share everything and it is so easy for everyone to get sick. For the first time this happened to us a few weeks ago and it is the reason for a gap in MomVault posts in late August.

It started with my 7.5 month old daughter Abby. She had had some mango several hours before a car ride... when we got home I was shocked to find that she had projectile vomited all over herself, her car seat, and the back seat (since she is rear facing). How did I not hear her do that...and what the heck is going on?!? I didn't think it was an allergy because she's had mango before but it stayed fresh in my mind. I brought her in and took her clothes off then brought her upstairs to have a bath. At the very top of the stairs she projectile vomited twice more (on me of course). And again, I was really concerned because she had never been sick before. Thankfully nothing else occurred after that.

Four days later we had a remarkable after dinner treat: my 2 year 4 month old son peed in the potty! Immediately after that he projectile vomited on my husbands chest. Unfortunately, my husband reacted so fast to it that when he stood up the vomit ricocheted off and hit my son on his head. Dylan went on to throw up twice more that night on the bathroom floor and once the next day during his nap.

Three days later I woke up at 1am feeling a little nauseated so I went to the bathroom. I had a normal urination, flushed, and then went to get back in bed when it hit me. I felt my stomach churn and I knew I was in for trouble. I ran back to the toilet just in time to projectile vomit probably about 5 times non stop. Normally you feel better after that but I didn't (not to mention it was 7 layer dip w/chips and steak & stuffing I was throwing up). I battled constant vomiting and liquid diarrhea for 2 hours straight. Then both every 30 minutes for a couple hours until I woke up.

When my daughter woke up to nurse I tried my best but I had to place her on the bed quickly and run to the bathroom. After I woke up at 7am I immediately sent out an SOS email to my mother-in-law asking if there was any way my husband could drop Dylan off for the day while I recover. I'm so thankful she was able to because I was in no condition to handle a toddler. I had to keep my daughter though because I have no breastmilk stored up. I drank nothing but sips of water for a few hours but threw that up around 10am. I had a few more episodes after that but was done vomiting by 1pm and felt much better. I even lost 5lbs!

Two days later my husband woke up at 1am (same time as I had) and he vomited like crazy for about an hour. I ended up setting him up downstairs so I could get what little sleep I could and he could feel like he didn't need to tiptoe because after all, mothers wake up for everything! Thankfully his sickness was limited to vomiting and only a few times, though it gave him a decent gut ache for the entire next day.

Remember to limit contact with a family member that is or has been recently sick, always wash your hands, and take any other precaution you can think of that works for your situation. We ended up not being able to attend social gatherings that had been planned for weeks.

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