Messy Eating Out

Posted On: 2012-10-15

We decided to go to our favorite pizza place this last Saturday. We haven't been there for quite some time because the kids had been not so good there the most recent visit. Now that they are a bit older we decided to give it another try.

The main issue is the children's menu has just two meals the kids will eat: pizza, mac & cheese. My son (3.5 years old) doesn't tend to like the kids pizza but wont eat anything else on the menu and my daughter (21 months) will eat pretty much everything but usually has the mac & cheese.

This time I decided to let my daughter eat the mac & cheese on her own however she wanted to. Both of my kids are old enough that I don't carry around a bag of stuff (just change of clothes for my son and diapers for my daughter) so I didn't have any children's forks or spoons with me. I gave her a full sized fork and let her go at it.

I had strategically dressed her in a pullover so it could easily be removed after the meal and she'd still be dressed. Unfortunately I didn't have baby wipes with me so I ended up having to bring her to the ladies restroom to clean her up.

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