Grocery Store Car Carts

Posted On: 2012-02-03

I was the mom that said I'd never use one of those shopping carts with the cars for the kids on the front of them. They are too big, too obnoxious, and just aren't the thing for me. Once I had two kids and only one convenient place to put them in the cart I changed my mind... unfortunately my grocery store didn't have one.

Then out of no where a few weeks ago one showed up and I ran across the parking lot to grab it. The first thing I noticed was that not only did the car hold two kids with belts included but the basket of the cart could ALSO hold two kids! FOUR kids could sit in this thing!

Shopping was smooth! Both kids stayed occupied and content and I had the whole basket available for groceries. A few days later I found an even better cart (the green one) that had the basket on top about 10" deep so the groceries are set on top of the kids car which cut down on how big and bulky it was to drive.  It also had two baskets behind their car where I put my purse (seen in the picture behind my kids).

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