2 Kids Under 2: Sling At Grocery Store

Posted On: 2011-02-25

I decided to go to the grocery store and try out the sling
 method I mentioned in my recent Grocery Store blog post. I got everyone ready to leave and as I was leaving FedEx was 
delivering the Moby wrap I had purchased recently, go figure. Anyway, I arrived at the 
grocery store but parked in front of the bank in the same parking lot.
 I got the sling ready for Abby, got her in there,
 and around my neck. Instantly I remembered the pain of the single-side 

I then went around to get my son out only to find that
 he had kicked his shoes off. I carefully bent down and picked his
 shoes, grateful that there wasn't a car parked next to me on that sidev
because I needed the door open all the way to pull this off. After I got his shoes back 
on I got him out and held his hand into the bank. Thankfully they had
 a little circular stand with kids games on it so he amused himself
 with that while I endorsed my checks and approached the ATM. Next 
thing I know, I turn and watch him fall into the stand, only hurting
 himself on his cheek. I made sure he was ok but had to walk away from 
the ATM for a moment. Then while I was finishing my transaction I
 turned and saw he removed all the games from the stand and wasn't
 going to put them back. So I carefully bent down and put them back on 
the hooks.

We walked into the grocery store where I ran into a big hurdle...
there were only 3 shopping carts and they were all stuck together. I
 didn't have a free hand to loosen them but thankfully someone else was 
walking up and helped. The next hurdle was lifting my son up and into 
the cart without him kicking Abby... done. I always strap him in but 
the buckle was warped and wouldn't buckle. I then went through the
store to find the few things I knew I needed. Going without a list
 was really stupid.

At the sandwich counter I turned to see Dylan standing in the cart, something I couldn't prevent because of the stupid buckle. 
I got out plan b which was the multicolored fish I bagged up before we 
left. A wise mom always packs a distraction! This distraction failed though... He ate 3 or 4 fish before he looked up and saw Cheetos at
 the counter and wanted those. Next thing I know he dumped the bag of
 fish on the floor and again I had to carefully bend down with Abby in 
the sling and pick them all up. I ended up having to purchase a small
 bag of Cheetos and open it at checkout for him.

I rolled the cart out to the car, loaded my son first which was 
kind of difficult and then prepared to get Abby unloaded from the 
sling. While managing that her binky flew out of the sling and rolled 
under the car. UGH. I got her loaded and headed home.

Sling method = FAIL.

I did however have a sense of humor about the whole thing!