Kids First, Then Groceries

Posted On: 2010-07-14

A few weeks ago I was unloading my grocery cart when a car began backing up out of a spot nearby. At that moment I realized that no matter what I needed to get my son out of the shopping cart as soon as I could to keep him out of danger in the parking lot. There are actually several things that can happen while unloading groceries and none of them are worth the risk:

1. The cart could get hit by a car with your child(ren) in it

2. The cart could roll away with your child(ren)- I actually saw this happen yesterday!

3. Your child could fall out

4. Someone could take your child

5. Your walking child could push the cart somewhere with your young baby in it

These are all real reason to load your kids in the car first before you move any groceries into the trunk. If it is a hot day remember to leave the door open for fresh air while you load the groceries. Also, see if anyone walking by can take your cart so you don't have to leave your young ones alone in the car while you find a cart return. The worst thing that can happen by loading up your children first is a bag or two of groceries being stolen but even that is not likely to happen.