Finally A New Microwave

Posted On: 2011-09-21

Fourteen months ago, you may recall our microwave's outer glass shattered in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Well, I finally had it replaced, however it was a bit more eventful than I imagined.

The two service guys arrived early and began to work. I let them know to holler up to me if they needed anything. After about twenty minutes one of the guys called up to me... but in a tone that any mother would pick up on as distressed. From the top of the stairs I looked down at the guy holding his hand and he said "I need help I sliced my finger."

I quickly ran to my bathroom to get gauze and tape to wrap his cut to stop the bleeding. I came downstairs and had him stand away from the scene where he was cut, carefully opened the gauze wrapper and told him to grab the gauze (since I hadn't had time to disinfect my fingers first). He did so and put it on his fingers but then he began to panic and hyperventilate so I quickly told him to follow me to a kitchen chair where I had him sit down while I cut the medical tape to wrap his finger. I started the tape but asked him to finish wrapping it since there was blood all over and he would know how tight to make it.

After stopping the bleeding I removed all signs of his accident out of his view because it became clear to me that he could not stand the sight of blood. I got him some water to try to help calm him down but he continued to turn white and breath heavily so I asked if he wanted me to get an aid car to come. He said yes so I called 911.

While we waited I offered to call his boss but his coworker was already doing that. Then I asked if there was a relative or friend I could call and he decided he should leave a voicemail for his girlfriend. When he continued to shake and feel dizzy I asked if he had blood sugar issues to eliminate that as a possibility and he said no.

The EMT's arrived and just walked right into the house and that's when I made a joke by saying "Come right in!" They didn't laugh though. They assessed the situation and gave him the option to be taken the hospital or have his coworker bring him to a local clinic. He decided he didn't want a hospital bill and was feeling a bit better emotionally and opted for the clinic with his coworker.

Once again, I am so thankful for my first aid training.


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