Bubble Bath Warning

Posted On: 2012-08-24

One of the easist ways to get your toddler in the bathtub and enjoy it is to add bubbles. It wasn't until a high school friend of mine sent me a message that concerned me to no end. To my disbelief, using bubble bath had been causing her daughter to have repeated urinary tract infections (UTI)! I was incredulous! How could a product marketed for children have such a negative impact like that?

Well it's true. It can cause irritation at the opening of the urethra which makes it painful to urinate and then when the urine is held for too long it can cause UTI's in both girls and boys. Some doctors recommend you never use bubble bath at all and others recommend a good genital rinse with clean water to prevent the irritation.

Here is a bottle of bubble bath I have, it's not a good brand as the bubbles just aren't that great but it has the warning right on it telling parents not to use it for prolonged times.

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