Natural Ear Infection Remedy

Posted On: 2012-07-23

My son has had several ear infections. During the most recent ear infection he had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he was given so this time so many things went through my mind. Let's back up though.

The signs were clear but I didn't piece them together until his nap time. He had been awfully clumsy earlier in the day... losing his balance on the stairs and walking into walls. He was extra cranky when I tried to put him down for a nap and then he gave the telltale sign of pulling at his reddened ear. It all clicked and my first thought was "how the heck will I get him to the doctor today and what will they give him this time so he doesn't react like he did previously?"

I quickly looked at alternatives and ways to help him feel better and came across garlic oil as a remedy. After reading on several different blogs I decided to give it a try. I had him lay down on his pillow while I grabbed the garlic oil and put it into a ziploc bag. I then placed it under my armpit to get it to body temperature. Using a syringe I then dropped 2 drops of garlic oil into his ear while massaging it.

I then had him hold a hot wash cloth against it to give just a little more comfort to him. After 1.5 hours he was starting to feel better and after one more treatment at bed time he woke up the next morning without any additional symptoms. I saved time, money, and most importantly my son's body from a harsh dose of medication.

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