My Toddler Is Allergic To Sunscreen

Posted On: 2012-05-21

My son has never had a sun burn, he always tends to tan and tan well. It's odd because both my husband and I have very fare skin that burns so easily. Anyway, we left the house but I had accidentally left the sunscreen with the beach stuff so I stopped at the store and purchased a new Coppertone Water Babies 50SPF sunscreen to keep in the car.

When we arrived at the park I covered both kids in the new sunscreen and we began playing. It wasn't until the next morning (Mother's Day) that my son showed any symptoms of a reaction. I saw it in his face and the first thing I did was check the rest of his body. Everywhere that I had put the sunscreen on him had raised bumps that were dry and red. I gave him benedryl immediately.

I researched sunscreen allergies and quickly found confirmation that that is what it was. It apparently can take up to a few days to show and/or could be activated by the sun on the ingredients in the sunscreen. The pictures are in sequence: day 1, day 2, day 3 of his reaction. I have kept him out of the sun while the rash heals and have been giving him children's benedryl as needed and recommended by his pediatrician.

Because he has had several other incidents with allergies recently, we are going to have him tested. I will do a follow up post after his allergy testing which will be on June 7th, 2012.

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