My Toddler's Eye Is Swollen

Posted On: 2012-03-09

After I finally got my car fixed after it lost power on the freeway going 60mph, I went to pick up my son from my mother in law. She had texted me after picking him up saying his eye was puffy and I responded by saying I had noticed it was a little pink but might just be that he's tired. I wasn't prepared for what I saw when I arrived to pick him up.




As I walked up from a distance I could tell something was very wrong and when I got close I seriously thought his eye was going to explode. The white of his eye was so swollen I couldn't even believe it. I quickly asked my mother in law if she could now take my daughter while I bring him to the walk in clinic. Thankfully she could.

We waited at the walk in clinic for over an hour to be seen and then another 30 minutes in the exam room before the doctor came in. I showed the doctor pictures I had taken of him that morning with his eye not irritated. She asked a few questions and then let me know her thoughts on a diagnosis: chemosis of conjunctiva.

Chemosis of conjunctiva is essentially an allergic reaction to something that could have been eaten or a reaction to something in the environment which doesn't exactly narrow it down much. She gave him some benedryl and a cold pack to keep on his eye for 15 minutes, then checked back to find that the swelling had gone down.

We were released without a prescription but advised to provide benedryl as needed until symptoms clear.

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