My Husband's Failed Vasectomy

Posted On: 2011-08-10

The Conversation: After our son was born, my husband and I decided we'd have one more child and then be done. That one more child is now our 7 month old daughter and we still feel the same way. For a few months we grappled with the idea of making it a permanent decision by my husband getting a vasectomy. While he wasn't really excited to go do it, we aren't really big fana of physical contraceptives. We both feel that birth control pills are not a good idea for me in the long run and it would be more difficult for me to recover from a surgery while caring for the kids.

The Consultation: The consultation was made, he was a great candidate for this procedure based on a physical test so my husband scheduled the appointment for 2 weeks later. This gave us time to think about whether we should reconsider. The day came and we arrived at the doctors office. Our son was at his grandma's house and we had our daughter with us. It was expected to be a 20 minute procedure so I felt confident she'd be fine.

The Procedure: I was allowed to be in the room as the doctor began working. Basically, he shaved hair off with a razor and put paper dam around his testicles to create a sterile zone. He then injected local anesthetic to the skin which would affect about a quarter sized area. Then injected more local anesthetic to the tubes he was going to cut. He made a small incision but my husband felt it so more anesthetic. He then proceeded to make 2 more cuts, both still felt by my husband.

I tried to remain calm but I knew how anxious my husband was about this going wrong and suffering complications from it. He was in good spirits though, which helped me out more than I expected. After 30 minutes of poking instruments in trying to pull the tubes down, the doctor called it quits and said my husband would have to see a specialist. We left and came home, both in shock about what just happened.

Today: As of 8/9/11 it has been 3 weeks since this failed vasectomy and he still has pain and a scar tissue lump. It's not cause for concern yet according to the triage nurse that was involved during the procedure (or lack thereof).

My Thoughts: It gives me a new perspective on how our husbands must feel while we are in labor. This just was one of the worst things I have ever witnessed. I NEVER want to see my husband go through any of this again.

In Conclusion: We shall continue with physical contraceptive methods and hope that everything heals soon.