IMHO: Huggies vs Pampers Diapers

Posted On: 2010-12-27

BACKGROUND: During the middle of November 2010, my son began scratching his lower back/upper buttocks when I put him in the bathtub. My best thought was that he was teething and having a temporary allergic reaction to the Huggies brand diapers that he wears. I decided to purchase a case of Pampers to see if changing brands would help at all.

THE STORY: As it turns out, he actually was ill with something called Hand, Foot, & Mouth Virus (it will be featured in a future Real Life Experience Post) and the dehydration it causes made him itch. After 25 days I finished the case of Pampers and here is what I liked about them:

1) Slightly scented which is kind of gross with the first few 'scented' poops but it's easy to get over.

2) Stretchier and better adhering fasteners.

3) Easier to tell/feel if the diaper is full because the diaper sags.

4) Less diaper smell in my sons room because they are slightly scented and I am able to wrap them tighter before putting them in the Diaper Dekor Plus.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION: The only thing Huggies has going for them is brand recognition and a cheaper price but hands down I would rather have Pampers diapers over Huggies diapers any day.