Diaper Dekor Plus

Posted On: 2010-03-16

What is it? This diaper disposal is not a diaper genie, you fill up one bag with many diapers as opposed to a single diaper per bag. The disposal bag is one long connected plastic bag that you cut as needed and has a deodorizer scent to help neutralize the smell.

How does it work? The foot pedal makes it easy to dispose of the diaper hands free. Once the lid is lifted you simply press down on the flap (usually the weight of the diaper is all you need) to dispose of the diaper. Once the bag is full open the door on the left bottom side, pull the bag down, and use the cutting mechanism that is built into the door. Tie the bag and dispose of it.

Cool Features: The disposal flap is lockable so your toddlers won’t be able to reach in and pull anything out!

Environmental impact: The bags are biodegradable.

Practical Point: At first I thought this product was AMAZING because I couldn’t smell the dirty diapers at all!  However, as my son grew (and the stench of his waste became stronger) I realized why; his diapers were little and easy to wrap up in a tight bundle and that was helping to conceal the odor in addition to this product. If I don't wrap his diaper into a bundle I can slightly smell the odor when the foot pedal is pressed but his room never smells like it.

$$$ Savings: You can use regular kitchen garbage bags with this unit (I recommend the ones that have the red ribbon ties).

Do I recommend it? Yes

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: 0-3 Years