Toddler Girl Hair

Posted On: 2012-10-12

I have been waiting for the day that I could fix my daughters hair. That day is coming very very soon. There really is not a whole lot that can be done while it is growing in but I've managed a few cute things.

Early on when she was 13 months old I was able to do the little ponytail on top using a clipped bow.

Then at 17 months old I was able to manage a small pony tail in the back but it was so small and hard to keep in so I stopped trying to do those for now.

Then finally I did the pig tails! I've been doing pig tails a lot lately because it's the only way that stays in long enough. She's 21 months old now and I am so excited to do more things, just have to wait a bit longer for more hair to fill in.

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