Having a Girly Girl

Posted On: 2011-05-25

I cannot tell you how much I wanted to have a little girl so I could dress her up in cute little girly clothes and do her hair etc. Here she is, almost 5 months old and I didn't even have any headbands yet! Thankfully a friend of mine is letting me borrow some that her daughter outgrew and now I just can't believe how much it adds to her cuteness!

I have of course put dresses on her and think it's adorable how she grabs the bottom of it and pulls it up to her mouth, making the bottom wet and exposing her belly. Paired with the dresses come the little coordinating panties which is just fun as well. I am having a hard time finding tights for her age though.

Tutu's, well those will have to wait. I have not purchased or been given any to borrow but I'm looking forward to it... it'll be another post in the future!