Starting A Play Date Group On Facebook

Posted On: 2012-05-04

As a stay at home mom I am always looking for new activities, events, and playgrounds to go to. While it's fun just packing up and going somewhere I do like to try and do events with friends I know. This led me to create a Facebook group called "Angela's Play Dates" and invited some of my mommy firends.

My first message read as follows:

Welcome to my play dates group! As warmer weather approaches we'll be leaving the house to go to various parks and I thought it would be neat to let you know where we'll be if you want to join!

Feel free to remove yourself from the group if you don't think it will be advantageous for you. Also, this is a "secret group" so it cannot be found in searches.

I will try to have events posted at least a few days ahead of time but some will inevitably be last minute trips to a park or jump place etc.

I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you!

I feel maybe a follow up message should be posted that explains that the play date isn't an exclusivity thing. As in, if you come you don't have to spend time with us, it's just nice to have people that we know around and have some familiarity in new places.

I try to do a variety of events that allow other stay at home parents, working parents, and parents with kids that nap early and/or late to attend. I also try to be as specific as I can about times, locations, dependencies (like weather), meals, etc.

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