Mommy's Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up

Posted On: 2012-10-05

What is it? This is a child's potty seat with a step ladder.

How does it work? Just quickly assemble and place on the toilet seat!

Cool Features: I cannot tell you how cool it was when my son came up to me and told me he just sat on the potty by himself all because of this product! It gave him just the confidence boost he needed to know he can do it. It is also easily removable and fits into small spaces.

Practical Point: DON'T LOSE THE CLIPS! It's the most important part of the product and the handles will just slide right off during use (which can be dangerous). The only way you'd lose them is if you don't see them in the packaging so be ultra cautious during assembly. Otherwise the product is very durable and sturdy.

Do I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY!

Quantity Recommended: 1-2

Age: Toddler

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