2 Kids Under 2: Getting To Know You

Posted On: 2011-04-01

After your new addition is born your little toddler becomes this gigantic graduated mini-kid compared to the little bundle you have now. Your toddler will have a hard time sharing your attention and affection but there is something you can do that is easy and helpful to them. Make a quick photo book out of the $1 flip books.

I actually created a photo book as soon as my toddler began learning names and naming people to help him with identification. After Abby was born I made sure to add pictures of her to it so we can talk about how she fits in and learn her different names: Baby, Abby, Sister. I organized the book in order of importance, putting our family first, then pets, then extended family, then their pets, then his playdate friends.

It has been a great exercise in learning names and relationships, even if your child doesn't see the people in it very often! Try it out! Don't forget to put a picture of your toddler in there too (especially if they have a complicated name)!

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