Little Tikes EasyStore Large Slide

Posted On: 2012-02-13

What is it? This is an indoor/outdoor collapsible slide.

How does it work? Just assemble (there will be more parts than you would think) and check for safety before use.

Cool Features: I like that it collapses a little bit but it's still a bulky item to store. It is a steep enough slide that the child will keep flying off it at the bottom instead of stopping there, makes it a bit more fun!

Practical Point: This is not the easiest thing to put together... so keep that in mind and don't get too frustrated... it really is not easy, but totally worth it! My son's jeans has some of the plasticy red wax on them after 10 or so slides down it. Consider giving it a good rinse or wipe down before use to prevent that.

Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: 1+

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