The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat

Posted On: 2010-08-09

What is it? A car seat for infants/toddlers up to 65lbs!

How does it work? Secure cars eat in your car either forward or rear facing depending on the safety guidelines provided.

Cool Features: This car seat is secure, comes with a removable cup holder, and removable padding.

Practical Point: This is a larger car seat that is probably only suitable for a permanent installation. It's size and installation makes it not ideal to transfer from car to car though it is possible. I have two of these car seats and use the lower and upper anchors in my car and the seatbelt and upper anchor in the truck. Be prepared to use a "pool noodle" or towel under the seat to help stabilize while it is rear-facing.

Do I recommend it? Yes!

Quantity Recommended: 1 per vehicle

Age: 0+

Here's a recent video of my son dancing to Prince in his car seat!

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