Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen

Posted On: 2011-02-21

What is it? This is a play kitchen! My son just loves playing with his kitchen set. He puts everything everywhere in it!

How does it work? After assembly and the batteries are installed your little one can open and play with everything!

Cool Features: The microwave, oven, and cordless phone have dial pads with accurate sound affects. The pot and pan activate the burner to make it sound like water boiling or bacon cooking AND it lights up while it does it (See video below). All the drawers and doors open up or pull out.

Practical Point: The stickers are applied after assembly so you get to decide which ones you want on there. I chose not to put the fruit border at the top of mine. Also, I recommend saving the fork, spoons, and knives it comes with for when they are older or maybe not at all.

Do I recommend it? YES!

Quantity Recommended: 1

Age: Standing+

This kitchen set has been such a hit... it doesn't take up too much room and has just the right features to keep my toddler entertained!

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