Help! I just had a baby and it hurts to sit!

Posted On: 2010-02-17

Have you just come home from giving birth only to find that you are leaning to one side when you sit because something on the other side hurts?  Is it taking you forever to stand up or sit... and once you do you feel an excruciating unidentifiable pain?  I would like to walk through two things that made it extremely uncomfortable for me to sit, stand, lay down, and move after my son was born.

Donut Cushion Vulvar Varicosity: aka varicose vein, aka popped blood vessel.  This can be a marble sized inflammation under the skin on and/or around the labia (or other areas) that will make it uncomfortable to sit.  For me this was easy to identify from an external visual examination and it healed fairly well after the first 2 weeks.  This kind of issue causes you to lean to one side when sitting to avoid putting any pressure on the area.  A donut pillow or inflatable ring cushion will suffice to help you sit down and avoid the pressure to that area.  See Product Review: Donut Pillow aka Inflatable Ring Cushion

Coccyx CushionStraightened Tailbone: This happened to me because I gave birth to my son while laboring absolutely flat on my back.  The tailbone aka coccyx is by nature slightly curved but the immense pressure caused it to straighten thus making it very painful for me to sit and stand.  Each time I would try to do either it would be forced into a new position and cause an almost delayed pain that was nearly unbearable.  Thankfully I have 5 years experience as a medical product procurement specialist, I knew exactly what the problem was, and was able to purchase a coccyx cushion; a square cushion with a triangular cut out of the middle of the back of the cushion.  This cushion helps to alleviate the pressure on the tailbone while sitting so that standing isn’t as bad.  My tailbone is still not completely healed but for the most part the pain went away in about 12 weeks.  See Product Review: Coccyx Cushion

As you can see this is quite a combination since the donut pillow for the vulvar varicosity puts pressure on the tailbone and the coccyx cushion for the straightened tailbone puts pressure on the vaginal area; therefore neither were an option until one of the two healed.