Bonus Product Review: Donut Cushion

Posted On: 2010-02-17

Donut Cushion

What is it? It is a round shaped cushion with a hole cutout in the center of the cushion.

How does it work?  The cut out in the middle of the cushion relieves the pressure on your vaginal area to help make sitting more comfortable.

Cool Features:  None

Environmental impact:  N/A

Practical Point: You can actually use this prior to giving birth if your baby is putting too much pressure on you.  Sometimes baby pressure can cause that tingly asleep feeling we get when our feet or hands fall asleep.

$$$ Savings:  None

Do I recommend it? Yes

Quantity Recommended: 1, 2 if you will be going back to work and it involves sitting.

Age: All

The donut cushion is a must have if you have a vulvar varicosity or any kind of issue in the vaginal regional that is agitated by pressure.  I unfortunately was not able to use this type of pillow after I gave birth to my son because my tailbone was straightened and required a coccyx cushion.