Bonus Product Review: Coccyx Cushion

Posted On: 2010-02-17

What is it? It is a square shaped cushion with a triangular cutout in the center edge of the back of the cushion.

How does it work?  The cut out in the back of the cushion relieves the pressure on your tailbone (aka coccyx) to help make sitting more comfortable.

Coccyx Cushion

Cool Features:  Well, honestly there is nothing cool about lugging this around.

Environmental impact:  N/A

Practical Point: This is neither a fashionable item nor a great conversational piece, do yourself a favor and purchase two: one for home and one for work (or other setting away from home).  Tailbones typically don’t heal for several weeks to 6-12 months.

$$$ Savings:  Try making your own cover but that’s all I can really think of.

Do I recommend it? Yes!  This is how I survived postpartum.

Quantity Recommended: 1, 2 if you will be going back to work and it involves sitting.

Age: All

The coccyx cushion is a must for tailbone injuries either related to birth or a fall.  My tailbone was straightened and it took a good 12 weeks for it to heal and I still can’t sit comfortably on hard surfaces.