A Friends Ultrasound

Posted On: 2010-06-30

Last week I went with a good friend to her ultrasound. Last Tuesday she was 19 weeks 4 days and extremely anxious to find out if she was having a boy or a girl. It was no secret that she really wanted to have a boy, and felt she was because this pregnancy has gone substantially different from the first one with her daughter.

The morning I picked her up she had knots in her tummy and was really nervous. When we were finally called back the ultrasound tech asked her several questions to make sure that she wanted to find out the sex of her baby. 

The first sight of the little baby in her tummy was so breathtaking, I forgot how cool it was to see a little person moving around like that. After all, I only had one during my previous pregnancy. We were all entranced by the monitor when the ultrasound tech abruptly and matter-of-factly stated…

“It’s a girl!”

The room fell silent and my friend didn’t cry as we both had expected. She was not thrilled at the idea of telling her fiancé that it is going to be another girl but was excited that her daughter will have a little sister.

I was really happy to have gone because I really want a girl and it was refreshing to see someone else that felt so strongly about having a specific sex. I hope that I will be able to handle the news of what sex I am having as well as she did.

This is my last planned pregnancy and I would really like a girl for several reasons: lace, leggings, dresses, dolls, doll houses, pink, headbands, flowers, just to name a few. I just think it would be neat to have a little girl. My mom and I are prepared to go on a crazy shopping spree right after the ultrasound if it is a girl.

I will be finding out the first week of August so we’ll see!


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