Pregnancy Weeks 8, 9, and 10

Posted On: 2010-06-09

Nausea- over the last few weeks I have felt morning sickness almost all the time, day or night. With my first pregnancy I just needed to eat frequently to avoid this feeling but with this pregnancy it doesn’t help to eat, in fact food typically doesn’t sound good at all. I have not thrown up yet though and I am thankful for that because I would really feel like something is wrong even though I know it's completely normal.

Thicker Waist- I have definitely noticed that my waist is thicker though I am not showing a bump yet. With my first pregnancy I began wearing maternity pants at 10 weeks so we’ll see how much further I can make it. I am at 9.5 weeks right now.

Extra Blood- When you become pregnant your blood supply increases a lot, some sources say up to 40% more. I can sure feel it too! Going up stairs, even just walking I feel like my legs are heavier and I’m out of breath a lot faster now. I had never thought about the fact that during this pregnancy I’d be carrying the extra blood, a baby, and carrying a toddler at the same time… YIKES!

Tired- I haven’t been overly tired this time. I go to bed between 8pm and 9pm but I get up between 6am-6:30am with my toddler so I’m really not getting that much extra sleep. I wish I could nap more and I’ve tried but so far it’s unsuccessful.

Meat Aversion- Eww, Ugh, the thought of meat of any kind disgusts me and turns my stomach. Even chicken and turkey make the list which is surprising to me. While certain smells bothered me during my first pregnancy, I didn’t have a hard time finding food to eat like I am now.

Weight- I am trying and will continue to try not to gain too much weight this time. With my first pregnancy I gained 57lbs and unfortunately have the stretch marks to prove it. For the last 5 days my weight has been exactly 160.5 after eating breakfast and drinking water, so I feel like I am doing well since it seems I am always eating.

Hypothyroid- You wouldn't think there is much to comment on about my thyroid since it is nonfunctioning but the medication I need to help keep my hormones leveled is the focus of this explanation. My medication Levothyroxine requires that I take it on an empty stomach 2 hours after I eat or 1 hour before I eat. Before I got pregnant I was taking this right when I woke up and then would wait an hour to eat but it is impossible  now because I wake up crazy hungry. Basically I end up having to wait 3 hours to eat again which is really difficult and results in me feeling sick. I recently started taking it in the afternoons when I am less likely to feel sickness from not eating.

That's it for now!

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