First Midwife Appt for Second Pregnancy

Posted On: 2010-06-02

On May 27th I had my first midwife appointment! Everything went exactly how I expected it, no surprises and I feel like this is all real finally!

URINE SCREEN: First thing was a urine test. The first one is sent to a lab, then each time I visit thereafter I will use a test strip to match the ph levels to make sure there isn’t anything wrong. While I attempted this Dylan was wreaking havoc on my purse by pulling everything out of it an onto the floor!

Next, we sat down and discussed the basics, first day of last period, typical cycle length etc. My due date is January 10th, 2011! We went over some paperwork for health and eating as well as different tests that can be done.

TWINS?: I expressed that I think I might be having twins because I recently found out it runs in my family; my grandma, one of her sons, and one of her sons sons had twins. It wasn’t just that though, I have been hungry practically since the date of conception! Literally a week before taking the test I was asking myself why I was hungry when I had just eaten. She agreed to see about getting an early ultrasound to see if that is the case.

Since the appointment with my midwife two more startling things have occurred that also support the notion of twins: 1) I felt movement both thumps and a flutter at just 8 weeks. 2) morning sickness 24/7 hit me like a load a few days later and is making all food unappealing but I can’t not eat because it would make me feel even sicker.

BLOOD TESTS: Next she got my arm ready for blood withdrawal… I asked how many vials she was going to take and she responded with “Oh, only THREE vials!” The first is to test my vitamin D level which during my last pregnancy was half of what it was supposed to be. My thyroid is also being tested to make sure it’s doing ok on the medication I am on. Finally she is also checking my iron levels because of the warm antibody that I have that destroys perfectly healthy red blood cells causing anemia in addition to normal pregnancy anemia.

UPDATE:  On Tuesday June 1st I received a call stating that I would need to come in for weekly blood tests for three weeks because my iron levels were not satisfactory. No shock there, that antibody won't quit. It makes me wonder which symptoms are worse because of the iron deficiency (anemia essentially).