When My Water Broke

Posted On: 2010-03-10

I was 39 weeks along in my pregnancy and settling down for the night.  While lying in bed trying to go to sleep I heard a “POP” noise and knew it was time.  It was the craziest sound I had ever heard and will probably never hear it again.  The first thing I did was page my husband on our house phone, he was recording an episode of The Linux Action Show at the time.  My second thought was to get out of bed so I wouldn’t drown it but no amniotic fluid escaped until I sat on the toilet.  I peed and thought maybe it wasn’t time because it didn’t seem like anything else was coming out, but fluid continued after I was done.

I put a pad in my underwear, grabbed a pen and paper, and tried to go back to sleep since I figured I needed all the rest I could get.  After a few minutes I had my first contraction, turned on the light, and documented the time and duration of the contraction.  I turned the light off and tried to go to sleep… but another few minutes later I had another contraction!  I documented that one and then waited for the next, sure enough it was just 4 minutes later again.  At this point I realized there is no way I’d be able to go to sleep so I went to my home office desk and began writing emails like crazy for work since I wasn’t going to be back in for a bit.

Twenty minutes after I hear the pop I was sitting at my computer when THE BIG GUSH came. OMG.  I drowned my office chair.  I could not believe how much amniotic fluid was coming out.  I just stood there on my computer chair mat until my husband came to my rescue with a towel.  I changed into a dry pair of underwear and a pad and then sat down again (on a towel) at my desk.  About a half hour later I had yet another big gush and gave up on trying to wear dry underwear.  One thing I had noticed though was that there little tiny hairs in my underwear that weren’t mine!!! My baby had little tiny hair!!!  There was so much in the fluid I just couldn’t believe it!

So there I was writing emails and using www.contractionmaster.com to track my contractions (They now have an iPhone app too!).  I called my midwife and doula to let them know and was told to stay home until my contractions were lasting 60-90 seconds.

At midnight I took a hot shower and stayed in there through 4 contractions, they were starting to get stronger for sure but definitely manageable.  It was now Tuesday, April 14th.

At 2:45am my doula came to my house and told me to stop working and start walking around to help progress the contractions.  We walked around and sat on the birthing ball, she also had me try to eat something so I had some cheese and apple juice.  Those stayed in for a good 10 minutes before I threw them up!

At 4am we called the midwife and decided to meet at the birth center at

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