After Dylan Was Born

Posted On: 2010-04-14

After Dylan was set on my stomach I had to ask if it was a boy… just in case the ultrasound had been wrong. Once his manliness was confirmed they began wiping him and me down but not before he peed on me twice! He went through the whole newborn checklist and was a healthy 7lbs 11oz and 20.5" long!

I was examined and it turns out I needed stitches inside. I didn’t tear on the outside but when he came out he had his hands clasped and held by his shoulders which made his elbow stick out and that is what cut me inside. Daddy held Dylan and once I was sewn up they made sure my uterus was clamping down and kept pushing down on my stomach which caused a gush of blood every time. I attempted breastfeeding but it’s not the easiest thing to do with a new little person that doesn’t know what’s going on and just went through that much trauma.

Getting myself dressed was a bit difficult because I was still bleeding but I had help doing it. I was so thankful that I brought such comfortable clothes including a nursing shirt. After I got dressed they checked my uterus clamping one more time and a few friends and family stop by including my mom who was the first to put an outfit on him.

We were now ready to go home just 3 hours after Dylan was born; my bleeding wasn’t severe, my uterus was clamped down, and there was no reason I couldn’t heal from the comfort of my own home. When Chris went out to the car he found that we accrued 3 parking tickets because the only parking available on the street was temporary 2 hour parking :-( You'd think there would be an exception for the birth center but nope!  Anyway, I sat in the back seat with Dylan on the way home to make sure he was doing okay. We picked up some dinner on the way home because I was incredibly hungry.

That night Dylan slept from the time we got home just before 6pm until about 11pm. I had already gone to bed and was exhausted but when he woke I just shook the pack & play a little bit and told him it was ok and he went back to sleep until the next morning! I was so happy and thought I had the best baby in the world... turns out he was just really exhausted and we were in for a few surprises!

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