Top 3 Regrets During Pregnancy

Posted On: 2010-03-03

There are three main things that I feel very strongly that I did wrong during my pregnancy.  I am writing this blog today to share these three things just in case there is a chance that I can convince you or your wife to not follow in my footsteps.

Pregnancy Belly Photos: As I discussed in Your Internet Pregnancy, my husband took weekly belly pictures at home, which I am thankful for!  However, I did not get the professional big belly photos that are so popular these days.  The closest picture I have to it was this one in the bathtub at 7 months just weeks before my belly broke out in stretch marks. I would highly recommend getting belly photos with your partner in the 8th or 9th month even if you have stretch marks… these are amazing one-of-a-kind photos.

Sweet Tooth: I have a sweet tooth.  It wasn’t until my midwife pointed out that I should start eating only one sugary food item per day that I realized just how much sugar I was eating.  At the beginning of my pregnancy I was 160lbs at 39 weeks it peaked at 207lbs! 

I regret that I didn’t cut back sooner.  As mentioned above just after 7 months I got all sorts of stretch marks on my stomach and there is nothing I can do about them except never wear a two piece bathing suite again.  I really think that gaining only 25-30lbs would have avoided these stretch marks. 

If you are in this same situation just try what you can to limit sugar intake…if it takes putting a calendar on your fridge to track what you had that day do it.   I’m happy to say that 9 months after my son was born I got down several pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight but it has required much needed self-discipline.

Working Overtime:  Unless you are being paid time and a half for overtime or if you need the money, I would recommend not working overtime.  As a salaried employee I was putting in way too much time at the office and looking back it really cut into my nesting.  Now that my son is here and I have no time to do anything it has become clear that I wasted valuable time to get meaningful things done for my family instead of working my butt off late, after hours, and on weekends.

Do you have similar regrets or would you like to share your top 3 regrets during pregnancy?

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