Your Internet Pregnancy

Posted On: 2010-02-19

We cannot escape the internet!  All our friends and family are stalking our Facebook, Twitter, and other social network pages.  Now that you are pregnant (or have a new baby) here is how you can make the best of your Internet Pregnancy!

1) Subscribe to MomVault’s favorite pregnancy/parenting websites that provide week-to-week progress updates on your baby both in the womb and after he or she is born.  They will all provide a slightly different perspective and information so subscribe to all!  Click the banners below to sign up!


(TheBump has an iPhone app called Pregnancy 411)


2) Create a Create multimedia digital scrapbooks for free at Scrapblog. Print your creations into high quality keepsake books, soft cover books, greeting cards, and post cards.account to make an online scrapbook of your weekly belly photos and other events such as ultrasound pictures!  See my blog pages here... I made it to 39 weeks but had my son the day I was supposed to take the picture!  This site is really easy and has free art work to use. 

3) Join a social network that your friends and family belong to so you can keep them up to date on your pregnancy.  This is a great alternative to mailing letters, printing photos, and digital picture frames that are time consuming and costly.  On Facebook you can create customized lists and post to specific groups that you want to keep updated.


Practical Point: I check my social networks and weekly emails during the late night feedings on my cell phone to keep me occupied while he nurses.

Do you have more suggestions for your internet pregnancy?  Email your ideas to!