Toddler Using Nasal Spray for Allergies

Posted On: 2012-09-28

At the follow up visit to the allergist she determined that he still wasn't cleared up enough, he maintained a clogged nose and puffy eyes. No additional allergies were tested, though I would have liked for them to try testing peanuts and eggs (but he would have had to be off any antihisitamine for 72 hours before the testing).

After examining him, he was prescribed Veramyst, a nasal spray as well as eye drops. Both need to be used in addition to a full daily dose of children's 24 hour Zyrtec especially when he might be around the allergens (grass, cats, dogs).

I have him use the nasal spray and eye drops as needed as I don't want to medicate him needlessly. It tends to kick in pretty fast when I see he has puffy eyes or congestion.


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