Toddler Story Time

Posted On: 2010-08-11

Today I had the opportunity to attend toddler story time at a local library with some friends and their children. I came prepared with Dylan's milk, blanket (comfort item), and no toys since other kids may get distracted. It was all good thinking but still didn't prepare me for being there.

It turns out the blanket, while helped him feel more comfortable, just got in the way and caused more grief than it was worth. He appeared to be the youngest toddler there and was the only *new* kid to the event, so he wandered around while all the other children sat down with their moms or on the floor. Unfortunately, I cannot sit on the floor because of my tail bone. (See Help! I Just Had A Baby And It Hurts To Sit!) Dylan also has not been in a daycare setting yet so that might also explain why the other toddlers knew to sit and listen.

Anyway, during the story time there was singing and dancing, stories read, and different interactive things for the kids to do. It was really neat and will be something we attend on at least a monthly basis. It was free to attend and might be something your local library does too!

Thankfully the story time was only thirty minutes today, instead of the usual hour long session. We went from there to the park and enjoyed some fun in the sun!

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